Become the doctor you are meant to be.

  • This is a PAID position!
  • Varied 1-6 weeks at a time that works for you over Winter and Spring/Summer Breaks.
  • Your Own Doctor! You will have a designated mentor to discuss cases and ask questions about selecting a job or whatever is on your mind!
  • Specify 2 of your own goals to achieve during your externship. We will help you achieve them!
  • Hands on work with patients, doctors and staff!
  • Limit 2 positions each break within Cara. So get your application in early!
  • If you have questions email katie@caraveterinary.com or if you are ready to move forward, click the Apply Now button.


Hit the ground running.

At Cara we have a genuine desire to teach veterinary students how to apply what they have learned in a real clinical setting. The essence of our program and the interaction with the students is founded in the art and science of veterinary medical practice. Our veterinarians are committed to serving veterinary students in their clinical year as role models in the area of general practice and surgery. All of our preceptor students will have a specific handbook and guide to lead them through their journey. The student is required to document 2-3 specific goals as part of their practice rotation and works directly with one doctor to accomplish these goals. At Cara, our preceptors get hands-on experience with the opportunity to interact with our patients, clients and team. We are dedicated to helping each individual grow their skills and prepare for practice!

If you have questions email katie@caraveterinary.com or if you are ready to move forward, click the Apply Now button.

Job Shadow Days

New this Spring! Are you headed home for the weekend or just looking for a chance to ditch campus?

  • Explore what our doctors do each day and get first-hand experience with case materials and veterinary teams.
  • Learn how experienced doctors interact with their teams to achieve results for our patients.
  • Observe surgeries, ask questions.
  • Get lunch with a doctor and a cool Cara Swag Bag!
  • Extra bonus: $25 towards gas!
  • If you have questions email katie@caraveterinary.com or if you are ready to move forward, click the Apply Now button.


Individual housing options are available for preceptorship participants, based on eligibility. Please ask Dr. Rawlings for more information.

Dr. Katie Rawlings
Email: katie@caraveterinary.com

For all student programs, you will have a designated DVM mentor and a program guide. In the guide you will identify goals you want to achieve during your program. You will meet with your mentor weekly to ensure that you are working toward achieving your goals and overcoming any obstacles. Our goal is to help you learn!

4 days in the practice, one special project presentation.

In addition to your personal goals we will focus on communication with clients and your team, triaging patients, physical exams, and surgical skills.

Each preceptorship/rotation is typically 4 weeks.

Please click the “Apply Now!” button under the respective program that you are interested in: Preceptorship, Externship, Job shadow