Join Cara


This is a unique time in the evolution of our industry. The consolidators are rapidly acquiring practices with insufficient consideration for people, culture, or the legacy of owners. At Cara, we aspire to be a different kind of partner.

A few reasons to consider selling your practice to Cara

  1. Cara is, by its nature, the partner that will best preserve your team and legacy.
  2. Our focus on the long-term value of a hospital and dedication to the Pacific Northwest ultimately provides us with the ability to offer owners compelling value.
  3. We’re more flexible and can customize our partnership based on your desires (e.g. retirement, building a larger footprint, focusing more time on patient care, reducing management responsibilities, etc.). We, unlike many others, will purchase 100% without dealing with joint ventures or retained equity structures if this is your desire.
  4. We are particularly sensitive to the culture at your practice. We structure our relationship with you to take into account your desires as well as those of your associates and support staff.
  5. To ensure every practice has a smooth transition before, during, and after a transaction, our President and senior management team works with you and your staff throughout the process (from initial diligence, closing and transition, to post-transaction operations).


The short-term ownership model of private equity-backed consolidators gives no comfort that your legacy will be protected. It has proved disruptive to practice culture, and we believe it has harmed the veterinary profession. As family business owners and veterinarians who have sold practices ourselves, we know that long-term value for everyone comes from creating a wonderful place to work and live. We also believe that practice working culture affects the experience of pet parents, and thus the sustainability of the hospital itself.

We empower our hospital leadership team to develop initiatives focused on patient care and support each one with the resources required for them to succeed.

  1. Connecting each hospital to our premier veterinary medicine network, both among leading veterinarians and world-class medical centers; to enhance each hospital and sustain the hospital’s legacy.
  2. Implementing best practices in hospitality to increase the rate at which clients say “yes!”. The families behind Cara operate some of the most renowned hotels and resorts in the world. Customer service has made us who we are.
  3. Improving the customer journey from first contact through attentive and thoughtful follow-up.
  4. Enhancing customer experience through technology to drive compliance and retention.
  5. Implementing optimized pricing strategies to enhance compliance and “downstream revenue”.
  6. Implementing a learning management system to increase training for the whole team.
  7. Creating a culture-sensitive approach to operational efficiency in hospitals and being cognizant of the very real issue of compassion fatigue.
  8. Enabling a deep commitment to preventative medicine.
  9. Assisting practices in managing the challenges posed by online retail.
  10. Establishing partnerships with institutions who seek to pioneer new areas of medicine for the treatment of companion animals.