We Dare

To Be Different

Getting To Know Each Other

The first step is meeting with our Founder, Dr. Peter Brown, for 45 minutes over video conference. The first step for Peter is to understand what matters to you; what you’re looking for in a transition, what you want your future to look like, and what you want the future of your practice to look like. Peter will also give you a good feel for what it’s like to join Cara – what it means for your clients, patients, and team.

Assessing Fit

After the first meeting, there should be a good sense as to whether or not this is a partnership to pursue. If all major objectives align, the next step will be an offer letter from Cara. This letter will outline total compensation for the incredible practice you have built, along with proposed timelines and the road ahead.

Digging In

Cara isn’t investing merely in your client base, location, technology, and team. We are investing in the incredible legacy you have built, and the unique attributes you have nurtured over many years to build such a meaningful practice. That is why, once the offer has closed, we begin taking the time to understand what makes this place who it is; why your employees have stayed for so long, what keeps your clients driving past other practices, and why you are so proud of all of it. This is the legacy we promise to protect and build on.

The Road Ahead

We then strategize about how to take things to a whole new level. We ask ourselves questions like :

  • How do we make sure that every employee truly loves working at Cara?
  • What new technologies should we bring in to elevate patient care even more?
  • How can we better meet the emotional needs of every client?

We work together to create a plan that you can be excited about. One that exhilarates your team. And one that extends your legacy in the way that you deserve.